With Overgrowth – Back in Japan

Any year that I get to go to Japan once is a great year. Any year that brings me back to Japan three times is the stuff of dreams. My work with Kinfolk magazine brought me here in February and then again in June. Now, though, I’m here on my own steam, collaborating with the lovely Riley Messina with our brand new project named Overgrowth. I’ve been meaning to get to this post for awhile now, but we’ve just been so busy! Riley and I have been in Japan for almost two weeks now and we’re able to only just now sit down for a restful afternoon. Sheesh!

Overgrowth made its way to Japan through the help of some amazing friendships that Riley and I made during our last visit back in June. We first showed at Isetan in Shinjuku along with the Portland Pop-up shop thanks to the most awesome Daisuke Matsushima of Paddlers Coffee. In a few days, thanks to Megumi Inoue, we’ll be launching a gallery showing with a weekend of workshops at Gallery ROCKET in Omotesando. Lastly, in early October, we’ve been invited by Tokuhiko Kise to show at his amazing space at TRUCK in Osaka. All of our coordinating and translation has been headed up by the indispensable Tina Dhingra. And of course, we owe a debt of gratitude to our great friend Hideaki Hamada for helping to promote our dates. In any event, if you’re in Tokyo next week, or in Osaka the second week of October, we’d love to see you at our opening receptions! Or better yet, if you’re into flowers, come to one of Riley’s workshops! There are still a few tickets left.

Information on our workshop schedules and opening receptions are below. Tickets to Riley’s flower workshops, and very soon, prints, are available at http://overgrowth.bigcartel.com.

The Overgrowth logo was skillfully drawn by Joy Fitzgerald. All Overgrowth collateral was designed by Ben Biondo. All photos for Overgrowth were shot on Kodak Portra 160.

7 Responses to “With Overgrowth – Back in Japan”

  1. Daniel says:

    I love your photographs.
    I am always so inspired by it!
    Thank you

  2. Jesi says:

    These are so absolutely beautiful Parker. You’re one of the only photographers I know of who always does work I can appreciate and applaud. So happy for you and Riley to be living out your dreams and taking advantage of these very blessed opportunities!

  3. Joy @ OSS says:

    I have been tracking the progress of this project on your instagram. Looks amazing!!

  4. Iwona says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! I love:)

  5. nirav says:

    A constant source of inspiration. Lovely work.

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  7. Parker! (AKA Patrick) Let us know when you’re back in town! (If you’re coming back?) Would love to get together, as seeing how much work you’ve done between now and the last time we saw you…it’s been too long.

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