With Nicole Loher

Nicole Loher is a distinctly impressive lady. If you’ve spent any time trolling fashion tumblrs, you’ve probably stumbled across her blog – The // Style // Student. Basically, the girl is still a baby by most standards (not quite yet 19), but she’s accomplished an ever-increasing amount for her age.

I first met Nicole over Facebook, where we became fairly decent friends (as far as internet friends go, I guess). She’d been a fan of my photos, and I was a fan of her face. But by around September of this year, I felt like I was coming across her name everywhere. This was due in part to the fact that she had been asked by Tumblr to blog coverage of NYFW for them, which is considerably awesome.

Fast forward to the end of November, though. I had been meaning to get to New York to visit the Outside the Lines exhibition at the Impossible Project in order to get a chance to check out their space before they changed shows in January. Such an trip would, of course, also create an opportunity for me to touch base with my NYC friends. It almost goes without saying that I was pretty dead set on the idea that Nicole would one of them.

No matter how many times I end up meeting people in person who I’d first befriended online, the occasion always brings with it a certain kind of excitement. This time was no exception. I was luckily able to have a night and a day with Ms. Loher (it was right before finals time for her, even) and the photos below are the product of our get-together.

In short, I advise you keep an eye on this lady. Girl be goin places.

Oh, btw – Flannel is GANT. Cape is American Apparel. Jeans are Bullhead for Pac Sun. Scarf is LOFT Ann Taylor. Shoes are Ugg.

4 Responses to “With Nicole Loher”

  1. ana mei says:

    this is amazing. i saw nicole’s blog post about shooting with you and i was so excited. she’s probably my favourite fashion blogger and i’m a big fan of your work, so this post = pure awesomeness. i met up with nicole on my trip to new york and she is just so incredibly sweet. yeah ok i’m rambling, basically i just wanted to say that i love this.

  2. ryan says:

    love it – your photo style gives her a totally new look.
    but her personality still shines through.
    the top photo is my favorite – perfect hair perfect light.
    come to NYC more!

  3. Ben says:

    love this dude, all raw all good – respect! merry christmas :D

  4. these are so so beautiful <3

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