With Kinfolk — Ice Cream and Flowers

Today is a great day for two reasons. First, it’s my birthday. I’m now officially 29 years of age. Woo. Secondly, Kinfolk Vol. 7 has just been released and I had the honor of being able to shoot the cover for this one.

I think this is my favorite Kinfolk to date. And not just because I got to shoot the cover. This is officially the fourth issue of Kinfolk I’ve had the privilege of contributing to — a whole year’s worth of them, now. And each new issue brings with it greater and greater adventure. The juicing portraits for volume 4 are still some of my favorites ever. In volume 5, I was able to transform my garage into a herb cellar. For volume 6, I got to take photos from a helicopter, shoot in New York City, and road trip with my brother down the Oregon coast to visit a cranberry farm. For this volume, though, I was able to travel to New Hampshire, England and Italy. Shooting for issue eight has been even more epic (but I can’t talk about it yet)! And since there’s such a gap between the shoots and when they appear in Kinfolk (sometimes more than 6 months), each of these stories take on a very nostalgic tone by the time I see them in print. As I flip through the pages, I’m taken back to all of those trips that I’m finally able to really enjoy (who has time to properly take things in while working?). I feel incredibly blessed.

Now, Kinfolk Vol. 7 is all about Spring, and ice cream (also crabs). So I was once again able to partner up with Amy Merrick to combine those things together (minus the crabs). The result was ice cream flower arrangements. I must say that of all the things Amy and I have partnered on, this was probably my favorite. Simple and to the point. Different and kinda weird. Perfect. Please do check it out. The story looks a lot better in print. The whole issue, actually, is truly one of the finest yet from Kinfolk. It’s worth the dollar bills.

And now, if it’s alright, I’m off to eat some birthday dinner with my lady, my brother, and some of my favorite friends.

P.S. — Don’t eat hydrangeas with, on, or instead of ice cream. They look pretty but are mildly poisonous. You’ve been warned!

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  1. Leona Weaver says:

    You make me fall in love with everything!!
    Happy Birthday, Parker!

  2. Joanna Brown says:

    Love love love everything you do and especially this, amazing as ever. I hope you are having ice cream for your birthday treat enjoy :)

  3. anja says:

    Happy birthday!! ^_^

  4. Happy Birthday Parker! Be proud this is amazing!
    High Fives!

  5. Jade Sheldon says:

    It’s been my favorite issue yet.

    I already told you, but it bears repeating, have a wonderful birthday!

  6. Phil says:

    Super inspring as always. Happy birthday good sir.

  7. Jinn says:

    Amazing work. Happy Birthday :)

  8. Joy @ OSS says:

    This is all kinds of perfect. My friend just go the issue and it’s truly fabulous. Great issue and happy birthday!

  9. Mariel says:

    This issue is PURE perfection. You, my friend, are incredibly talented. Happy birthday!

  10. Juliette says:

    Well first of all happy birthday!! And confratulations with all the nice projects and shoots from this past year. The idea of combining flowers and ive cream is so refined, i love the soft colours.

  11. Carolyn Mackety says:

    Parker you are truly blessed with creativity!! God has geen you a very special talent, be sure to use it for Him. Love you Grammy

  12. Oslo says:

    Looks stunning!!
    To be honest, I love every photograph you took :D

    oh, and happy birthday!

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  15. I stumbled upon your blog via pinterest and am so taken away by the beautiful photos. It just made me smile and I cannot help but HAD to leave you a comment to let you know how wonderful your work is! The ice-cream cone with flowers is just so beautiful and I LOVE it!!

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful work, it makes me so inspired and happy!

    Pei Li

  16. Happy Birthday – really just stopped by to see even more photos fr the Kinfolk Ice Cream shoot. Have the magazine in our shop and the cover takes me away to some dream state – it’s beautiful.

  17. M.N. says:

    So fresh! So spring! Yammy flower ice cream :) Love it!

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  19. Signore, this work seems to coming by a dream. maybe my visit on your blog is dream, isn’t?

    Love the magazine, just adorable. And happy birthday for you.

    baci, Cora

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  22. I found your work via Flowerona and it is just beautiful! Such an unusual idea for a photoshoot and you’ve created such fresh and fun images for Spring!

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  27. The photos are an absolute pleasure to the eyes and soul, but the entire magazine is absolutely sublime.

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  31. I was in a cafe in Philadelphia, and I saw your cover image. I had to open it. I look at pictures of dairy all day and sometimes I do see flowers. I just didn’t realize it. Keep doing what your are doing. I needed that whimsey. You have a new fan.

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  35. truly wonderful. delicate and lovely and intriguing.

  36. This is something unique you have been shared.
    This is really awesome.

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