With Jarrod Renaud and Carrie Davis in the Woods

A few weeks ago, while home over Thanksgiving, I was able to run around with cameras and a couple of the neatest people I know. Jarrod Renaud is a Colorado-based photographer that I’ve been able to befriend over the last few months thanks mostly to Twitter and Flickr. Carrie Davis and I met last year in Portland after having become Facebook friends. She’s from North Carolina, but lives in Colorado now, which is a convenient coincidence. We met up and walked into the mountain woods and wandered around.

It was a great and easy-going way to open up the holiday season.



6 Responses to “With Jarrod Renaud and Carrie Davis in the Woods”

  1. Josh Taber says:

    Love these man. Were some of them taken Southwest of Palmer Lake?

  2. Kinsey says:

    The one that’s all knees and elbows is my favorite.

  3. reno says:

    you totally pulled off the multi image filter. good job.

  4. Gabriele says:

    this set is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. juliet says:

    love these so much! they are simply amazing. and carrie davis is a sweet heart.

  6. Kate Daigneault says:

    I love these! I especially love the full body of Jarrod in the trees. Gorgeous!

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