With Greylag

These are far, far overdue. As some of you may know, my friends in Greylag recently (read: a few months ago) finished their first country-wide tour, playing with Augustana. My proverbial hat goes off to the boys for an excellent job well-done. They’re now very, very hard at work on some new music. I can say from personal experience that you’ll want to keep tabs on these guys. Really (really).

Anyway, we happened to take these photos as promotional awhile back. I still like them, as I don’t usually find myself involved with enough projects that require copious amounts of cut up construction paper to be tossed around my living room. Four months later, and I’m still finding confetti in my clothes.

Also, right now, listen to Greylag’s debut record The Only Way to Kill You. It’s the business.

5 Responses to “With Greylag”

  1. kitzia says:

    your work is so wonderful always.

  2. Veronica says:

    So yeah, I love your work.

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  4. Christine says:

    great images..I really adore your work..

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