With Amber Rose McConnell

Amber was right there at the top of my “People to Visit in Austin” list. She and I have known each other online and by reputation for quite awhile now, and I was excited to meet her. The lady is a talented model and a great photographer in her own right, but it was just plain good to finally get together. I still hold that the best part of being a photographer is the opportunity to always be meeting awesome folk. Ms. McConnell is awesome folk.

Essentially though, for our shoot, we walked the neighborhood in which I was staying, trespassing through various people’s front yards. Quintessential run-and-gun type-stuff. As is almost always the case with things like this, I wish we had had more time to sit down and plan something out properly. For what it was, though, I think the shots came out quite nicely. I am especially fond of the Polaroids (although that is almost always the case). In any case, here’s to round two! I, for one, can’t wait.



4 Responses to “With Amber Rose McConnell”

  1. Ben Holtrop says:

    These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love how each image is so well executed. You are an inspiration.

  2. alisha says:

    this pictures are amazing! she is a lovely model

  3. Really love the pool shot. Well done.

  4. John Carl says:

    Awesome man. Nice work. :)

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