With Ache Magazine

Okay, just a quick little thing I need to bring to your collective attentions:

A good number of months ago, a lady by the name of Jackie Luo, editor of Ache Magazine, contacted me wondering if I’d like to be interviewed and featured for their sixth installment, and of course I said yes.

Now, the trixy thing with something like this is the fact that there’s usually a considerable lag between when I sumbit a contribution and when the publication is actually released. I am an old man, and I tend to forget things. Also, worse, I tend to rush my way through interview questions and end up wincing when I read my own words three months later in print. Luckily, this time at least, no wincing was necessary. In fact, I was met with the surprise realization that Jackie ended up running one of my photos as the cover. Bonus points!

So yes, a pleasant affair all-round. Please do give me the honor of reading through Ache No. 6. The issue is full of amazing artists (so it’ll be fun for you; I promise), and I’m proud to be amongst them. Also, as a postscript, I can tell you that Issue 6 also includes a few hitherto unpublished photos that I am very fond of. So go see now.

3 Responses to “With Ache Magazine”

  1. babi says:

    it’s marvelous to see yours and other people’s works in a so beautiful compilation!

  2. Ryan says:

    Congrats! I can’t wait to pick up a copy. I love this photo and it’s a great one for the cover. The “ACHE” title seems like an appropriate piece of text over her beautifully melancholic expression.

  3. Ester says:

    this photo is so inspiring! your blog is! I wanna to follow you but I don’t know how.

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