With my favorite (mostly) unpublished photos from 2012

So we made it (for now). That whole Mayan thing is behind us and the Apocalypse is still somewhere looming off in the future. Christmas has come and gone, two thousand and twelve is dead and buried, and the fiscal cliff has been pushed down the road a few more months. Yay 2013. With all of this in mind, I wanted to share some photos that I took in 2012 but never had the time or the excuse or the permission or whatever to show until now. So prepare yourselves for a veritable casserole of photography.

But before all of that, a short word:

Two-thousand-and-twelve has been my most busy year by far. I did a lot of work for my friends at Kinfolk (as you may remember from here, here, here, here and here), but I’ve also been hither and tither shooting for myself and others. When I look back upon the last 365 days, I can’t believe all of the places I’ve visited and awesome people I’ve been blessed to come to know and work with. It truly humbles and gladdens the heart. The pity is that the vast majority of shots must still remain locked up in the photo vault for one publication or another. But were that not the case, I still wouldn’t have space here to include all of my unpublished favorites from 2012. So I suppose the following will just have to do.

The dear people pictured below include: My most favorite Riley Messina, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Williams, my sister Joy Kim, Ryan Muirhead and Jarrod Renaud (photographer-brothers extraordinaire), Angel Taylor, Joe Lieske, Lana Nyman, Meredith Adelaide, Luke and Rachel Price, Tunde Baiyewu, the ever-talented Amanda Jasnowski, Alela Diane, Andrew Stonestreet, Tift Merrit, Jennifer Sullins, Kimbra, and of course, my dearest brother and friend James Fitzgerald III. There are many, many more who have graced my camera in the last year that must be kept tucked away — but only for the time being!

So. There we are. And without further ado, here’s to 2013 — may she bless you all heartily!

With Kinfolk and Terrain — Dinner in Philadelphia

Recently, I was able to follow Kinfolk out to Philadelphia in order to document their 5th dinner this year (out of twelve) hosted by the good folks at Terrain. Like most things that Kinfolk gets involved with, the dinner was something to remember (Julie Pointer is the resident master in charge of putting all of these things together). The food was amazing, the people were warm and engaging, and the space was such that it was hard to keep from forgetting that we weren’t somewhere in the English countryside.

Some bits of notable information: menus were illustrated by the ever-talented Anja Mulder. Also, a complete list of sponsors and partners can be found in the dinner section of Kinfolk’s website. Below are some of the photos from the afternoon. For more, you can go here. It should also be noted that the photos of yours truly from the event were shot by the lovely Amy Merrick. You should know, too, that the Gallos were there working magic as usual. Their video from the dinner can be seen here. Go watch!



With Suzii Hele

I am a firm believer in the idea that a photographer should always be filling the gaps between assignments with personal work — even if it’s something as simple and uninvolved as a walk-around photo session. One never can be too sure what will fill up that reserve of inspiration, or spark that new idea. If anything, it’s always good to stay disciplined.

That’s precisely where I found myself when Ms. Hele sent me an email saying that she and her manfriend were going to be in town for the weekend, and were wondering if I was interested in shooting something low key. The following photos are a result of walking around a few neighborhood blocks towards the end of spring (there may also be one or two shots of my house). In an hour and a half of walking and shooting, I was able to snap up more decent portraits than I can safely share with you now, here. It was a good day.