With Jarrod Renaud, Christmastime 2012

The year 2011 was winding down, it was close to Thanksgiving and I was home visiting family in Colorado. While there, I had an opportunity to get together and shoot some photos with a new friend of mine — a guy named Jarrod Renaud. Since then, Jarrod and I have become pretty close and this last Christmas, we had that same opportunity to meet up and take photos. I’ve really come to appreciate short, reoccurring sessions that allow me to kinda gauge my progress as a photographer. I consider shooting with Kara Caldwell something like that, and now hopefully I’ve begun the tradition with Jarrod.

So as the year 2013 begins to gear up, I figure it’s a good time to share just a few of my favorites from only a few weeks back. And, if I didn’t post these now I’d be running the risk of Spring showing up, and once that happens, snowy photos will totally feel out of place. So, ya know, there’s that too.

For those interested: all photos taken with various Contax cameras using Kodak Portra 160 and Tri-X 400.

Oh, and yeah! I just totally updated my portfolio. Almost completely restocked it with imagery from 2012 like some sort of visual fish pond. Maybe you’d like to see?

With Snow-covered Colorado From the Air

Real quick, I must say that the best thing about Colorado is snow. Or maybe mountains. Snowy mountains. In any case, I was real glad to see snow and mountains on my trip back home over Christmas – we don’t get much of that stuff in Portland. Here are a few quick snapshots from there and back again (that last one may actually be Wyoming):

With Jarrod Renaud and Carrie Davis in the Woods

A few weeks ago, while home over Thanksgiving, I was able to run around with cameras and a couple of the neatest people I know. Jarrod Renaud is a Colorado-based photographer that I’ve been able to befriend over the last few months thanks mostly to Twitter and Flickr. Carrie Davis and I met last year in Portland after having become Facebook friends. She’s from North Carolina, but lives in Colorado now, which is a convenient coincidence. We met up and walked into the mountain woods and wandered around.

It was a great and easy-going way to open up the holiday season.