With Meredith Adelaide and Emily Tebbetts

A few weeks back, thanks to a random Twitter connection, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with both Emily Tebbetts and Meredith Adelaide. Emily is herself a very talented photographer and was visiting Portland from Boston. She had been staying with Meredith, who happens to model, so we all decided it would be good to take a trip down the Columbia Gorge in order to show Emily some of the local awesomeness. And also, of course, take some photos. ^_^ Wardrobe provided by Urban Outfitters.


I was also able to snag a few keepers of Emily during the day too. You can see Emily’s version of events here. Go now!

P.S. – Meredith happens to have a music project she’s working on with her boyfriend (Josh). Be a sport and give them a listenin’ to.

4 Responses to “With Meredith Adelaide and Emily Tebbetts”

  1. gaby j says:

    Oregon looks so peaceful & beautiful.

  2. emma says:

    What a beautiful shoot . . . glorious location and great film images

  3. [...] can’t get enough of the results. Parker’s are below (more at his blog), check the last entry for Emily’s. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { [...]

  4. Jesse Ryan says:

    Love this shoot man… rich colors and great perspective. Dig it.

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